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Hearing Clinic

the digital event dedicated to children, adolescents,
adults and the elderly

The Hearing Clinic is the digital event held every year in June that involves hearing specialists to talk about hearing health in the four stages of life: children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

The event is held on Udito Italia’s online platform where people can watch and participate live in a question-and-answer session on hearing disorders.


During the broadcast, together with Udito Italia President Valentina Faricelli, a number of specialists are connected live: from pediatrician, to psychologist, to geriatrician confirming that hearing pathology involves not only a decrease in hearing but a whole range of related pathologies.


During the Hearing Clinic, all citizens have the opportunity to book their intervention live through an online form to address questions directly to the experts. Simultaneously with the holding of the event, they meet in the ‘Focus Groups,’ working tables formed by experts who have elaborated the points of the ‘Manifesto for Hearing’ the document that Udito Italia Onlus, representing the hearing sector, presented to the Ministry of Health to ask for more attention on the issue of hearing disorders.

Hearing Clinic – 3 June 2022

This is the right opportunity to give answers to your doubts about hearing-related problems: ask the experts directly during the Hearing Clinic!


We will collect your questions and ask them to professionals who deal with hearing disorders and recurrent hearing problems on a daily basis.

WRITE HERE (the form is in Italian language) your question and ask the Experts directly.

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Hearing Clinic – 4 June 2021

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